Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I remember one day crying out to the Lord and saying, "Lord it's not fair. How come I am facing so many problems since I committed myself more fully to you and others who don't care are having a great life?" Being that I was raised in a military town, He reminded of the Military Service.
Young men and women were brought to my town to go to boot camp to be trained and sent out against the enemy of the land. I'll never forget the bus dropping off the load of would-be soldiers who were ushered into a place where they had to fill in papers and have medical examinations and all sorts of red tape procedures. There was one man there who appeared to be a staff sergeant, and he was very friendly and helpful, showing them where to go and what to do. I began to wonder if all the stories I had heard about military service were really true.

Then all the paperwork was over and they were assembled as a group. Suddenly this person that they thought was so nice and helpful, became public enemy number one. He opened his mouth and screamed, "You're in the army now!" he shouted, and with many expletives proceeded to let them know in no uncertain terms that he was going to make their lives hell until they learned to do as they were told.So began a time where they discovered muscles that they did not know existed in their body. Where they found that they could do with less sleep at night than they were used to. That they could actually walk great distances at a time. And that they could learn to walk in step with a bunch of other people and keep their appearance neat all the time. They learned to shut their mouth until was asked to speak And by the time it was all over, they were different people than when it all started.

And the Lord reminded me that He did not force them to go into His army. They had done so willingly. They had volunteered for His service and had very fervently prayed without realizing what they were saying, "Lord break me and make me into a vessel for your use." They had signed up for boot camp. And now suddenly the going was getting rough. Yet He was only doing exactly what I asked Him to do.Why am I going through this, again!

But Lord, I have been through basic training! I have been through so many of these trials and test before…why now?

Because you are being trained for, Special Forces! Special forces is a generic term for elite, highly-trained military, police or civilian paramilitary tactical teams that conduct specialized operations. These include reconnaissance, (staying hidden) surveillance, (discerning) sniping, (lazer pointed prayers) guerilla and unconventional warfare,(spiritual warefare) foreign internal defense, (understanding the enemies devices) direct action and counter-terrorism actions. (skilled at handling the weapons of warefare)

But why am I repeating so of the same test...they are so simple, I see them coming. And some are just blind siding me. As with training for Special Ops, most of the required training is the same as basic training. YES, basic training revisited...how well did you complete basic boot camp?
Special Operations Forces Truths...these we should all take to heart
Humans are more important than Hardware.
Quality is better than Quantity.
Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced.
Competent Special Operations Forces cannot be created after emergencies occur.

Please stop fighting the process…you volunteered for this…we don’t need coward soldiers…the life you save on the battlefield…may be “mine”.