Friday, March 17, 2017

Don’t trip, it’s only Change

Is it hot in here?   

You don’t feel that? Oh it's just me?  Another one, ugh! Stop tripping, it is only the Change.

What exactly is a hot flash?  The exact cause may not be known, but science says that it happens when our reproductive hormones and our body's thermostat (hypothalamus), become more sensitive to slight changes in body temperature.

Wow…It seems my body is declaring the changes we see in this world today--And it is uncomfortable and it's HOT!

The Boomers, Busters Gen-X and Millennials: We all fit on the corporate body of America and the world, and wherever we sit on the timeline of life, one thing is certain…Change! 

It is the Change we like, and the Change we don’t!

As a buster myself, I often fought with my Gen-X daughter to get a good “corporate” job.  Build that pension...maintain life insurance…GROW UP!!!!

What took me a while to see is she had grown up, but things had changed.  Gen-X was the generation that if they could not find a way in what the buster established, then then they would make a way--And make a way she did!

Many of the Gen-X billionaires are examples of those that found their own way:  Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Computer maker Michael Dell, Yahoo's Jerry Yang, and Google's Page and Brin. 

Wait…another hot flash!  Change!!!

Enter in the Millennial, who hate to be labeled that way! 

Millennials…werk, werk, werk!  If Millennials don’t like what the establishment (usually a boomer or buster) have set in motion, then they will change it!  

That is what you are supposed to do, right?  Protest, right? It worked before, so it will work again, right? So, they will do it big, do it fast, and be done! 

So, why is it not working? Why aren’t the protests working?  

Well, they are protesting against the boomers, and those old hormones don’t die easy.  Who can help them, show them?  Gen-X could definitely be that bridge for change, but wait, they already found their own way. 

Yep...another hot flash! This one is a little longer and a lot bigger. Change.

Millennials ~ Tribes over Traditions that is their mantra! Who raised them? Where did this come from?  

Is it because a two parent traditional family was not their norm, so they created one.      

Now these Millennial families/tribes have crossed the traditional boundaries of culture, race, gender, and religion.  

We will now see a white protestant woman protesting with signs that say “black lives matter”, because that is her family…her tribe. 

Yes, change has happened, and one thing that is constant in life is Change!

For the last 8 years we have had an African-American president that represented this country and his race with grace and dignity.  

Eight years ago there was a 16 year old boy or girl who is now 8 years older.  It will be their voice, their opinions, and their" truth" will set the stage for what is next.  

But don’t trip…It’s only Change.