Saturday, September 29, 2012

Check Your Trunk

It was Saturday and I wanted a Chick-fil-a milkshake! I always want a milkshake on Sundays, but I was determined to get ahead of my craving!

I spent a great afternoon with a friend mentoring, sharing and inspiring one another.  And as she was getting out of my car, she accidentally spilled the last of her milkshake.   

"No problem dear, I will clean it" and I did immediately.  But now it is Tuesday and wow this car smells awful, spoiled milk yuck!  

I re-scrubbed the seat and the floor mats but it was getting worse!  I could not get rid of that smell....putrid!  Well since I couldn't clean it enough and Febreeze would not cover the smell I decided to put them in the trunk until I could get rid of them.

I opened my trunk and to my surprise, there was my garbage!  I put it in there on Monday planning to drive it to the dumpster and forgot it! I had been driving around for 2 days with garbage in my trunk!  Here I am thinking the smell was coming from my friends mess, but it was actually my own garbage.  

It was at that moment the Lord spoke to me. 

As a counselor  we are often warned to have our own "yearly" check ups. Those that serve humanity closely, (counselor, mentor, minister), we inadvertently pick up others "spills" all the while neglecting to manage our own "garbage". 

It is time to clean out our trunks!

The assistance for some may not be long term counseling or mentoring.  Sometimes we just need a little help identifying "that smell".  What is needed in our life and what is not... what is ours mess and what is not!  If you need help CourageousMi is here.

Always remember, even though someone may help "clean it out", it is still your personal responsibility to go back and with Diligence, recheck your own trunk; just to make sure there were no lasting residuals effects--maggots.  

I did...there were none.  It is well...

Diligence:  Persevering Application


Thursday, September 27, 2012

CourageousMi...Reset...Reborn...New Life!

What began as one of the most painful experiences I could have endured, became the beginning of the best thing that could have ever happened at this time.  So now CourageousMi has been RESET -  REBORN - it has New Life!

On the way to helping others find their "Courageous Me", I was forced  to take another look at me.  But this time I must look into the window of my own soul... through the lens, the filter, the eyes of my Father.  "That experience" well, it was good for me that I was afflicted, but I knew my discernment was off.  And just as I had to deal with the vertigo in my body, I finally had to deal with the vertigo of my own soul...

So now, be courageous and take this journey with me...yes I have been there and yes it was painful ...and still I can say: Only be strong and very courageous...

COURAGE : mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty