Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 - The year to Engage!

Hey there!  You, don't you know that God has something in store for us that is world-changing in its scope! If we fully grasp what God is calling us to, we will be filled with more purpose, power, and passion than we have ever achieved before….But we must Engage!

Every single thing we have experienced in our past was meant to be. (Deep Breath)

And every experience in our past has brought us to this time and this place. It is in this place we find our resumes and biographies have gathered dust and our accomplishments are only past experiences and memories. 

NOW…is the time to recognize that moving forward, walking into our next, receiving the greater isn’t about something we are to do, but it’s about ‘the someone’ we were destined to BECOME!      

2014 for many was a hard year, a lonely year, a pressing year, a strengthening year and yes a painful year.

But God!   Yet He always has a purpose for every pain.  So we dare not get rid of the pain before we have learned what it was sent to teach us.

Maybe God just wanted you!  All of you.  He didn’t want just a piece of you or the leftovers but all of you.

One of Webster’s definition for the word engage is  to get and keep (someone's attention, interest, etc.).  

So, it seems 2014 was about learning how to fully engage the power of the Holy Spirit. 

2015…Occupy, Secure, Attract, Pledge, Betroth, Fight ....ENGAGE!!!

What did 2014 teach you to Engage?