Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Arise... It's April!

In January we were challenged to Arise in our Outlook! Everything that happened in 2017 really was not that bad, well it was but it was purposeful!   

In February we were challenged to Arise in our Conversations!  Our words frame our world.  In 2017 as situations became more difficult, trying and painful we let everyone and anyone that would listen to our complaints … listen. 

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tweets carried direct and subtle expressions of our frustrations.  Yet forgetting the one person listening most attentively to the words spoken … our own inner soul. 

In March, we were challenged to Arise in our Character!  It has been said that a crisis does not build character, it reveals character #True.

What did we learn about ourselves in 2017? For some, the revelations were not very pleasant. What changes are you making in 2018 considering what you have learned?  Remember, it is habits that form character.

Arise … It’s April!  

How is your Courage? 

Not the big courage like conquering 
Mt. Everest or Skydiving courage.  (unless that is on your bucket list).  This courage is the courage to go back and pick up what you sat down in 2017!  

There was something that all of us sat down, put away or gave up in 2017.  And if we are honest, some things, mindsets, and people had to go; and that was part of the 2017 processing.   

NOW.... Arise!  Embrace the courage to say I will try again, love again, invest again, and build again.  Now that is super-charged Courage!

Arise!  Take Courage! Move Forward!  Let’s do it together, step by step, day by day!


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