Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Let Me Bring You In

“They drew first blood, not me” ~ John RAMBO

This line is from one of my favorite movies, Rambo: First Blood.  

Rambo a simple man, mistakenly considered weak and insignificant., until he found himself yet again fighting for his life.  He wasn't fighting against those that he considered an enemy, but against those who decided Rambo was the enemy. Wow! Can you relate?

What they did not know was that Rambo was a former Green Beret … purposed, passionate and, prepared to fight again and again!   

During his many battles, he often sustained wounds but he had been well trained on how to stitch himself up long enough to fight another day. Stitched up, yes but not fully healed. 

So many of us have learned how to be Rambo, ignoring the pain of life’s many battles. Some of those battles are ones we signed up for, but some of them were brought to us without our permission. 

Yet, each time we stitch ourselves up and prepare to fight again.  Why,? Because we have told ourselves, “That is what a Warrior, a Fighter, a Boss, a Mom, a Wife, a Husband does”.   Yep, the ultimate lie believed!

Wounded warriors, there must be a time to come in from the fight to really heal, and not just get stitched up.  Self-care is not selfish … it is necessary!  

Why is self-care so critical?  Because many of us are operating in our ministries, in our vocations, and in our relationships out of and with unhealed wounds.  Just like Rambo, the next trauma can have severe Rambo-like ramifications for those that encounter us.    

I say to you like Trautman said to Rambo, “Let me bring you in”.  

“There remains, therefore, a rest for the people of God. 10 For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His” Heb 4:9-10 

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