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I remember one day crying out to the Lord and saying, "Lord it's not fair. How come I am facing so many problems since I committed myself more fully to you and others who don't care are having a great life?" Being that I was raised in a military town, He reminded of the Military Service. Young men and women were brought to my town to go to boot camp to be trained and sent out against the enemy of the land. I'll never forget the bus dropping off the load of would-be soldiers who were ushered into a place where they had to fill in papers and have medical examinations and all sorts of red tape procedures. There was one man there who appeared to be a staff sergeant, and he was very friendly and helpful, showing them where to go and what to do. I began to wonder if all the stories I had heard about military service were really true. Then all the paperwork was over and they were assembled as a group. Suddenly this person that they thought was so nice and helpful, beca