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She needed a NAP!

Meet Lindsey Segal.  She is beautiful, accomplished, charismatic, and my cousin.  "Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area (California, USA), diversity and disruptive innovation entertained my worldview. My family and community, critical-race and power theory, team sports, open-world gaming, and science fiction informed my core values of integrity, creativity, and community. With a lifetime of experience interacting with people and technology, I facilitate cultural transformation by auditing, redesigning, and empowering systems to move towards an anti-oppressive and more humane model." A true BOSS WOMAN in every sense of the word.  But she needed a NAP!  (Article shared with Lindsey's permission. I pray this helps you the way it helped me.) ***************   Starting in mid-February, I took 3 weeks off of work due to burnout. I was on a call with a trusted SVP who held up a mirror and granted me the permission I needed to nap. I’m forever grateful for this individual and for