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I've Retired. Why am I so busy?

I have retired, why am I so busy? December of 2019 I retired from my position. No, I left my position. No, I was downsized out of my position as an executive assistant.  Don’t feel sorry for me yet! As I walked out the door I noticed everyone was smiling at me. How did they know? Was my name on a list telling the world what happened? Oh My Gosh!!!! As I made my way to Starbucks people I noticed people were still smiling at me. Was my notice placed in the newspaper (sorry, dated myself with that one) was my notice placed on Facebook? As I passed the mirror I realized why everyone was smiling at me. Because I had the biggest smile on my face and I was smiling at them!!! Go figure. I say all that to say this, transitions are needed, necessary, and really they are not as unexpected as we want to believe. From December 2019 until the executive order came down to “shelter in place” I was already sheltering in place.  Zoom meetings with mentees, food deliveries so I did not have