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Happy New Year - Happy New You!

Quiet Inner Confidence Throughout my life I felt like people were always trying to hold me back! But in actuality it was "I" that held me back.    Some did not understand the what and whys of my actions, so they judged me unfairly.  Well, often I did not understand my own actions, so the added criticism and judgments of others made running away, giving up, sitting down so tempting.  Yet there was actually one thing that kept me moving forward....there was BIG on the inside of me!  So sitting down...running up was not an option.   I held on to my Quiet Inner Confidence. This quiet inner confidence has taken me through some of the hardest of times in my life!  Yet, it has been my q uiet inner confidence that has kept others...(and at times even myself) off balance.  How does she keep getting up, bouncing back, moving forward?   It is in the k nowing that despite what is happening on outside of me, everything is going to be alright because God is w