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A Fresh Start

I love the beginning of the New Year! It is a fresh start, a do-over. Give yourself this gift: the privilege of embracing your fresh start with a fresh outlook and fresh ideas. While thinking about this fresh start, I am reminded of certain super heroes and their superpowers: Captain America, the Flash, Ironman. It always seems that right at the 12th hour, the main character in the story gets a do-over. Just when everyone counted them out they rise to the occasion! So in this story of your life, you may not know what the next chapter may bring, but one thing you do know--YOU ARE THE MAIN CHARACTER of this production. 2016 was relentless. There were so many we had to say goodbye to, and there are quite a few new people and situations that we have to embrace. If you had known or if you had the opportunity to pre-read the plot of 2016, I am sure you would have… held them closer, removed it or them earlier, and/or committed to your purpose with greater passion. Most importantly, yo