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“Where are we heading?” Written by Barry Werner on October 22, 2012 Effective leaders are able to communicate values as well as vision to their team. Read Isaiah 30:1-5 . No leader can guarantee the future but every team member has the right to ask their leader “where are we heading” and “what are the methods we will use to get there.” Every responsible leader should have an answer concerning operational core values and the vision for this month and for the next 3 years. The people in Israel trusted their leaders to make good decisions for the future of the nation but the leaders in Israel ignored their history. Instead they looked away from God who had guided and protected them choosing rather to embrace Egypt as an ally and protector. Rest assured that over time there will be distress in any organization if Christian leaders do not seek God but choose to project into the future, set goals, anticipate opportunities and obstacles, and design strategies based solely on human w


by Jill Briscoe I have a confession to make...I ate the cookies and felt diminished. (I'll explain more about that later.) Have you ever felt diminished? Do you ever feel small? Humiliated? Have you ever said: "I'm a Christian! How could I have acted that way, lost it that way, spoken that way, thought that way?" Of course, you can feel diminished not only because of what you say or think or what you don't say or think, but because of whatothers say or think. When people count you of little importance or worth, you can't help but feel diminished, even if you know a lot or all of it is untrue. That feels horrible. The dictionary defines diminishing as "to make smaller or that which reduces or makes of lesser degree," as opposed to being enlarged and growing bigger and better and of more value. People can diminish you. Life can diminish you. You can diminish yourself if you listen to negative messages. The devil himself is the author of diminish


A s one that operates in the five- fold ministry as a "Teacher", this article was a personal check for me.  Knowing I have the natural ability or (gift) to "influence", this article reminded me to always be mindful, it is the Word of God and the Word of God alone that destroys yokes of mental, spiritual and even physical bondage.  Motivational speaking does have its place, but not under the guise or banner of biblical teaching. Self Check! CourageousMi **************************************** THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING AND BIBLICAL PREACHING.     By Dan Delzell, Special to Christian Post There are tremendous differences between "motivational speaking" and "biblical preaching." In America today, many churches offer one or the other. One approach leaves people "encouraged" in their emotions and in their "self-esteem." The other builds up Christians in the Gospel as the Holy Spirit applies the Sc