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Happy Father's Day from Daddy's Girl

"Daddy's Girl"   The first time someone referred to me by that name I kinda got upset. I knew they were calling me a spoiled little Princess. Well yeah! I am the daughter of a King! When a daughter is brought into this world, the father's life changes forever. After only a few minutes in his arms, a deep, loving bond is formed. He knows he will spend the rest of his life loving her more and more every day. The sole purpose of a father is to teach his daughter about unconditional love. It is in the eyes of her father that a daughter sees her beauty and her worth! It’s his love that will sets the template for what she expects from men. Here are some of the things a guy should know when they are fortunate enough to have a Daddy's Girl! 1. A Daddy’s girl has learned how to be treated by a man . If there is one thing her father taught her from the moment she was born, it’s how to be treated by other men. If you mistreat her, watch out. She will kick you to the c

An Open Letter to My Mother

Mom, it has been 10 years since you passed on to glory, and this year it feels like yesterday.  I still reach for the phone to call you about a new restaurant, a new outfit, and your new great-granddaughters. This world is so different now.  Of the many things I miss,  your counsel is at the top.  There is so much rage in the hearts of people. As a nurse you worked for over 30 years in mental health profession.  I remember you often said, if the government did not address mental health in America we be looking at a total breakdown of society.  Mom, we have mass killing in movie theaters, nightclubs and even elementary schools.  The first question asked, “Was it a hate crime?” This world is so different now.  There is this thing the young women are always talking about:Haters/Hating.  I don't understand it; I didn't grow up seeing this.  I remember Aunt Martha, Mrs.Snow, Mrs. Ivey, and your friend of over 30 years, Lizzy.  I know women that encouraged you, pushed you, fo

A Controlled Fire?

Growing up in California I, like many others, are  familiar with the uniqueness of the four seasons: Winter, Spring Summer and fire ! (It’s a Cali thing). These fires begin one of two ways, natural (lighting strike or heat) or man (arson or a Controlled Burn ).  What is a controlled burn/fire? A Controlled Burning (also called Prescribed Burning) is considered by foresters as an important and ‘cheap management tool to manage’ for rangelands. The fire is able to "clean" the pastures, removing ungrazed grass, a part of the litter and controlling the density of woody plants (trees & vegetation).   One forester site described why they do it this way:   WE USE PRESCRIBED BURNS TO CLEAR INVADERS AND RESTORE LAND (Why does that sound familiar) In light of the recent news events… dare ask me which ones, too many! … I submit, HATE is a FIRE that has  NEVER been harnessed or controlled, yet so many have tried. *  Whites hate Blacks *  Blacks hate H

Intentional in Living - Will you Live for Me!

  "No one has greater love than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends." This statement was part of Jesus' final commandments to his disciples on the night He was to be taken away to be crucified. We acknowledge His sacrifice -- His love for His disciples, and all of humanity, for which He was willing to lay down His own life.  Yet, Jesus makes clear that these words are also meant for His followers.    It is often heard by those expressing their love,  “ I’d die for you!”  ( Happy Birthday Prince )   This has been e choed by spouses, loved ones, friends and parents alike… “I love you, and I would die for you” It is the Christian’s clarion call!   We proclaim it! We sing it! We put a dance on it!   I am willing to die for my Jesus!   Observation: Whether one is speaking to their Lord and Savior, to their spouse, loved ones, or friends, why is it easier to say: “I’d die for you,” than it is to say: “ I’d live for you .” In r