Happy Father's Day from Daddy's Girl

"Daddy's Girl"  The first time someone referred to me by that name I kinda got upset. I knew they were calling me a spoiled little Princess.

Well yeah! I am the daughter of a King!

When a daughter is brought into this world, the father's life changes forever. After only a few minutes in his arms, a deep, loving bond is formed. He knows he will spend the rest of his life loving her more and more every day.

The sole purpose of a father is to teach his daughter about unconditional love. It is in the eyes of her father that a daughter sees her beauty and her worth! It’s his love that will sets the template for what she expects from men.

Here are some of the things a guy should know when they are fortunate enough to have a Daddy's Girl!

1. A Daddy’s girl has learned how to be treated by a man.

If there is one thing her father taught her from the moment she was born, it’s how to be treated by other men. If you mistreat her, watch out. She will kick you to the curb so fast your head will spin.

2. A Daddy’s girl trusts her father more than she trusts you.

She’ll confide in her boyfriend when things go wrong. Her father taught her that it's okay to trust men. Never breach that trust or you’ll be gone.

3. A Daddy’s girl is use to working hard for what she wants.

When her father spoiled her she was being taught that she deserves a happy life. She has seen her father work hard his whole life and she inherited his work ethic.

4. A Daddy’s girl has high standards and will not settle.

Her high expectations are based upon years of being treated with respect by her father, who has constantly told her to never settle.

5. Accept the fact that you will always be number two to Daddy.

Her father is her role model and you will never replace him.

6. A Daddy’s girl talks about her father a lot.

When she talks about her father, she is talking about one of the most important people in her life. It is your job to just listen. Respect that, even if you disagree.

7. A Daddy’s girl won’t introduce the two of you if she doesn’t think he’ll approve.

Her father’s approval is one of the most important things to her. So if she’s apprehensive about it, give it time. She's really just trying to determine if you measure up.

8. A Daddy’s girl’s father won’t like you immediately.

Remember, her father is a man and he knows how men think. In his eyes, his daughter deserves a perfect person. And even if you come close to his expectations, you'll never come close enough.

9. A Daddy’s girl has already picked out the song for her wedding day.  

There is one song on this planet that can make her cry. It is the song she danced to at her daddy-daughter dance stepping on his feet as they danced.

10. A Daddy’s girl has holds tight to her lifeline.

The thought of living without her father is unimaginable. He will always be her first love…her first HERO!


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