Wounded Woman Warriors

My favorite action movie of all time is ‘Rambo 1st Blood’.  Rambo was some kind of warrior!  One that they had never encountered before.  What I remembered the most, this warrior was in the fight of his life, not because he decided he had an enemy, but they decided “he” was their enemy!

He became wounded so many times during this fight, yet he could only stop long enough to stitch up his own wounds.  Far from being healed, he knew he had to find a safe place to stitched himself up long enough to fight another day!

Women, once a month we have a experience be it moderate or severe how to physically and emotionally “endure”, “manage” or "ignore" PAIN. It is just how we are created.

"Wounded Women Warriors” , I must say there is a time we must come in from the battle.  Not just to stitch up your wounds, but it is time to really heal.    

Why is this so critical?  Because many of us are in active ministries, vocations or leading corporations, yet we are serving, giving and leading out of our own pain.  It’s not that we are not doing great things, excellent things or even God things. But every warrior must come off the battlefield to heal.  

For many, the most difficult part of the healing is identifying our wounds, the areas of our hurt.  Why, because too often we tell ourselves we have “gotten over it” because it does not hurt!  

Yep, get struck in that same area again.  You will soon realize that healing has not taken place and you are NOT over it.  Women, we are skilled at bouncing back, moving forward, but are yet to be healed.  

Why, because healing takes time…and we don’t have time, there is too much to do, so many people are depending on us.  And sadly, we end up bleeding on those we were sent to serve, to lead, to love. 

There comes a time, by design or decree that we all must come off the battlefield (Rest), identify wounds (Confront) and allow healing to take place (Restore) in the presence of God! 

Let CourageousMi show you  how!


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