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What Is This?

What is this? Enough to make it through each day – nothing more and nothing less. What is this? It can’t be hoarded or saved, so it does no good to worry about the next day. What is this? It is Manna, and the Hebrew word for manna means, “What is it?” It was the heavenly provision sent to the children of Israel while they wandered in their wilderness. Manna offers us an example of how we are supposed to face each day. When we ask God “what is it?”, this is a powerful and liberating question. Not why is this, but what is this? What is this to teach me? What is this to develop in me? What IS This? Have you learned to ask God to show you YOUR manna? Often the manna God provides is something so small that we would have missed it if we hadn’t been looking. So, how do we identify and learn the purpose of our manna? We do so by embracing our Now, and living in the present moment! And that is the challenge isn’t it? Because living in the NOW is a discipline, and we