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It's In The Valley I Grow

"Where have you been this year? In a Valley." My year began with the declaration of  The Emergence!   It has long been my heart’s desire to provide practical instruction for managing life's difficulties.  I wanted everyone to find their own Courageous Me! My venue was set and the classes began: Breaking Free ~ The Mind! Little did I know the Emergence was not just an external work for others, but an internal work for me. Today begins a new era for me as I am no longer on A payroll for the first time in 25 years.  For the past 15 years, I've worked for a great company, Cox Enterprises. Before coming to Cox I worked for Verizon for 20 years. God has been good to me in my career. But where have I been lately? In a valley.  I did not know why I was in this valley.  But I did know it was peaceful here.  I did know I was to be silent in this valley, I did know I was to rest in this valley and I did know God was here. Standing here now in my valley and I see tw