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The Emergence Returns

2021 is the year we Emerge! This is the year of our Execution! New businesses are prospering, old companies are redefining and optimizing, and ministries have a refreshed focus.   Are you ready? Really ready. You know it is your time!!! Yet, there are still those situations in life that have you tethered to your past, hindering your future. This is where I can help—introducing "The Emergence. A series of practical life application classes designed for those who realized they have now entered their season of purpose execution! Yet, you know, there are areas of your character that still needs to be confronted.   "Breaking Free - The Mind" is the first in a series of classes designed to help you identified those mental models of your past life that have held you captive.   "The Emergence" life classes are not counseling or therapy classes. These classes are designed for ordinary people who have an extraordinary purpose to fulfill! Far too many of us have allowed t

Cutting off Toxic People!

Cut off the Toxic people in your life!!!!  Live your best life now!!!  Grow with me or get out of my way!!! We all have seen these declarations, or ones like them, ringing loudly on all forms of media, from all manner of people.   So let's look at this process.  The first step of getting rid of something—or someone— that is toxic is actually recognizing if, in fact, they are harming you.   We often call toxic those people that vehemently disagree with us, those that make us uncomfortable in our own skin, or who we feel are hindrances to our purpose. I don't call these toxic people; I call them "poop heads"   (my grandbaby's favorite emoji) Maybe a better term for the mature would be "fertilizer folk." We all have them. The difference between toxic people and fertilizer folk does not lie within them, but you! "What exactly do you mean, ME!?!? " Lower your eyebrows and let me explain.   Let's look at the purpose of fertilizer.  Fertilizers a

One For The Books!

We Survived 2020!  Now, a month into the year we can look forward to knowing, what did not destroy us only made us stronger.  2020 was one for the books!!! • We all survived things we never imagined even happening.   • We started new ventures we never imagined having.  • We ended things we thought we could not live without!  As we progress through this year, if we find 2021 is 2020's ugly twin sister, no problem because we already know how to handle her!   Let 2021 be the year our victories EMERGE !