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CELEBRATE THE WINS!   What does that mean exactly? It means YOU must take the time to celebrate you! 2016 is almost over and some can’t wait! We already hear ... *  I'm moving on and moving up! *  It’s time for my greater! *  2017 is my next! *  New adventures, greater connections! *  Adding in new networks and cutting out some fake friends! WAIT!!! PAUSE!!! STOP!!! BREATH!!!! Many of these statements may very well be true, but 2016 is still here, right? I would say stop and smell the roses, but it is the first day of winter and the buds are gone; but even the thorns are reminders of the beauty that was once there. Being the consummate overachieving, goal oriented, type-A personality that I am, I was recently challenged to do just this. Stop and Celebrate my Wins!  This year I did have quite a few “wins”, I just had to stop focusing on the thorns. In 2016, I met and made some wonderful friends through various social media platforms. Just being “