CELEBRATE THE WINS!  What does that mean exactly?

It means YOU must take the time to celebrate you! 2016 is almost over and some can’t wait! We already hear ...

*  I'm moving on and moving up!
*  It’s time for my greater!
*  2017 is my next!
*  New adventures, greater connections!
*  Adding in new networks and cutting out some fake friends!


Many of these statements may very well be true, but 2016 is still here, right?

I would say stop and smell the roses, but it is the first day of winter and the buds are gone; but even the thorns are reminders of the beauty that was once there.

Being the consummate overachieving, goal oriented, type-A personality that I am, I was recently challenged to do just this. Stop and Celebrate my Wins! 

This year I did have quite a few “wins”, I just had to stop focusing on the thorns.

In 2016, I met and made some wonderful friends through various social media platforms. Just being “Intentional” opened many doors. 

And yes I said “friends".   It IS still okay to have and be friends!

Let me give you counsel in my Grandmother’s voice, 

“Honey, when you hear people say they don’t need friends, or don’t trust in friends, those are individuals that have not healed from the thorns”.  

The challenge with friendships today is that often times they are not built on trust but usury; and we haven't learned to place proper boundaries around our friendships.

In 2016, one week before my 55th birthday I earned an associate’s degree in Religious Studies. This had been a dream of mine for over 25 years, and I forgot to celebrate. I just moved on … no more of that!

In 2016, my reputation preceded me, and I received my largest speaking engagement to date! Through this experience I gained even more “friends”.

In 2016, I established my first 501c3 organization (More to come on this), partnering with some trusted, professional, godly women who are … won’t repeat the f-word. (Wow, when did friend become a dirty word?)

In 2016, after 25 years, I was accepted as an undergrad at Regent University. I just finished my first semester. Hold on while I check my grades …. GPA 3.83! Go me!!!!

Oh, not a cake walk--up at 4:30 am to study, off to work an 8 hour job, home to finish my non-profit paperwork, sleep…what was that? How did I make it these last couple of months? My friends! Those that encouraged me when I didn’t think I could do this, those that listened to me as I read my papers, and specifically those that had to explain what a "rubric" was!

Here is the key on "friendships" --All of the above mentioned are different people! There really is not just one individual that can fill all of these needs.  That is what God is for!

Yes, there were many Wins this year…and there were many thorns. So I guess I shall celebrate both!

I would love to hear about your Wins! Did you stay employed when others were laid off?  Did you restore a broken relationship that you and others thought it could not be restored?  After he left or she left did you survive it? Do you still have a portion, tiny as it may be, of your right mind? Those are all Wins!  I would love to hear about your Wins.

So now, I celebrate YOU! You are also my WIN! Merry Christmas.


Unknown said…
Wow! This is very challenging, because I generally generalize things that happen to avoid trying to pinpoint which also hinders me from being direct. But I will give it a shot.....In 2016 I began to pursue the things that I love and enjoy instead of waiting to be invited / involved with others who were likeminded. In 2016 I had my first sock line created and manufactured in which was a giant leap of faith. I'm sure that there are other wins that I will think about later. Thank you for sharing the Awareness of Self! You Rock CourageousMi!!

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