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Living in my NOW

More and more we are learning who we are.  Not so much in the self-conscious descriptions of our youth or the labels of our early adult years, but more in the way we are simply at peace with ourselves.    Is this the fullness of time?  The set time?  The appointed time?  The time of life?  Or maybe we should just embrace all of these times and call it “Now” .  In “Now” it is where we are to take stock of our life and we realize how much we have changed. We pick it up, examine it then we realize…we are softer, gentler, wiser, and calmer than before. In our "Now" we are becoming more fully and completely who we were created to be! We have now moved from “successes to significance” . I believe it is in our "Now" , God wants to redeem all of the broken heels, chipped nails, dead-end jobs, broken marriages, less-than perfect children, bad perms. He needed us to get those things out of the way. Yes, He was with us back then, but He really wants to be wi