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Check Your Trunk

It was Saturday and I wanted a Chick-fil-a milkshake! I always want a milkshake on Sundays, but I was determined to get ahead of my craving! I spent a great afternoon with a friend mentoring, sharing and inspiring one another.  And as she was getting out of my car, she accidentally spilled the last of her milkshake.    "No problem dear, I will clean it" and I did immediately.  But now it is Tuesday and wow this car smells awful, spoiled milk yuck!   I re-scrubbed the seat and the floor mats but it was getting worse!  I could not get rid of that smell....putrid!  Well since I couldn't clean it enough and Febreeze would not cover the smell I decided to put them in the trunk until I could get rid of them. I opened my trunk and to my surprise, there was my garbage!  I put it in there on Monday planning to drive it to the dumpster and forgot it! I had been driving around for 2 days with garbage in my trunk!  Here I am thinking the smell was coming from my friends m

CourageousMi...Reset...Reborn...New Life!

What began as one of the most painful experiences I could have endured, became the beginning of the best thing that could have ever happened at this time.  So now CourageousMi has been RESET -  REBORN - it has New Life! On the way to helping others find their "Courageous Me", I was forced  to take another look at me.  But this time I must look into the window of my own soul... through the lens, the filter, the eyes of my Father.  "That experience" well, it was good for me that I was afflicted, but I knew my discernment was off.  And just as I had to deal with the vertigo in my body, I finally had to deal with the vertigo of my own soul... So now, be courageous and take this journey with me...yes I have been there and yes it was painful ...and still I can say:   Only be strong and very courageous... COURAGE : mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty