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Before you Walk Away

S o you think it is time?  Time to “Just Do It”, Time to “Just Jump”!  Time for full-time ENTREPRENEURSHIP!  Recently, I read an impassioned writing by a young woman giving her thoughts regarding “4 Reasons To Quit Your Job To Be An Entrepreneur”.  Oh, how I wish I could sit down with her over coffee, my treat of course, to discuss her four points:     1. Recognition and R-E-S-P-E-C-T “ Yes, you want respect. You want to feel validated in a way thus far robbed by the corporate world or regular day-to-day job you live in.”   Well, my dear, the first person that needs to recognize, respect and acknowledge your accomplishments is YOU!  If you are needing validation now, you will find yourself chasing it for a long time.  Focus on walking out your destiny, then the recognition will come.  There is no greater respect than self-respect!  2. Control “Most entrepreneurs finally take the plunge when they become sick and tired of not controlling their own destiny." Control

You Are the Gift!

Hey there. Have you ever found yourself in this place?  Wondering…Questioning ….Yearning for the time and opportunity when your unique gifting (talent) will be utilized in a capacity that not only impacts the lives of others, but also leaves an enduring imprint in the earth?    Yet, generally it is not your gifting that is being used. It's you. Now, before you clam up and shut down, let me explain. Many have yet to recognize the difference between the gift that you ARE and the gift that you HAVE. The gift that you ARE works non-stop.  Its availability is predicated upon your intentional willingness to simply be available.  God has set within you an eternal "switch" (for a lack of a better word), that can be triggered at any given moment, and in any given circumstance.    The gifting (talent) that you HAVE works a little different. Its availability and use oftentimes comes through training, reading, studying, mentoring and life experiences.  Yet, even with