An Open Letter to My Mother

Mom, it has been 10 years since you passed on to glory, and this year it feels like yesterday.  I still reach for the phone to call you about a new restaurant, a new outfit, and your new great-granddaughters.

This world is so different now.  Of the many things I miss,  your counsel is at the top.  There is so much rage in the hearts of people. As a nurse you worked for over 30 years in mental health profession.  I remember you often said, if the government did not address mental health in America we be looking at a total breakdown of society.  Mom, we have mass killing in movie theaters, nightclubs and even elementary schools.  The first question asked, “Was it a hate crime?”

This world is so different now.  There is this thing the young women are always talking about:Haters/Hating.  I don't understand it; I didn't grow up seeing this.  I remember Aunt Martha, Mrs.Snow, Mrs. Ivey, and your friend of over 30 years, Lizzy.  I know women that encouraged you, pushed you, fought with and for you, confronted you and cared for you.  I don't understand this 'hating' thing, but I have observed it. 

Women who have not seen positive relationships among women fight against or mistrust in these authentic relationships.  I want to scream, "I am not trying to stop you!  I am trying to get you to stand still long enough so I can show you how to get on my shoulders to reach up higher".

This world is so different now.  We call ourselves "Social" but we are anything but! Remember, how you said not to whisper at the table? Now we text each other about each other...right through dinner and desert! Families take separate vacations because everyone is on this thing called "A Grind".

This world is so different now!  There is this thing called a "Life Coach".  Oh, let me define it for  you, it is what you would have called "Mother-wit".  We now charge people to learn those principles passed down at the dinner table.  The more you charge, the more of an expert you are considered.  Yep, common sense is not common anymore, and we have placed a price on mentoring. YOU were my first coach!  

This world is so different now, yet I hold on to the words you used to pull me through.  

"Michelle, listen, just LISTEN!"  

I do listen and I hear so much.  I remember your charge to me, be the example, not just for my family but for all those God has sent me.  So I shall Live Intentional.  

This world is so different now. So much has changed, but what never changes is love.

So I shall pass on what you gave me. LOVE!


Unknown said…
Awesome! Yes Michelle. This world is so different. As the song the Winans sing. Bring back those days of yea and nay, when we knew what was right and what was wrong! There seems to be so many variations. Not to mention, common sense is not common anymore. No amount of money could ever replace the wisdom and mother wit I received in my upbringing! It's absolutely priceless! No one wants to hear or listen to what we have to say. Therefore our lifestyles has to reflect a testimony of holiness & integrity, that we may win souls to Christ!
Doris Williams

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