Cutting off Toxic People!

Cut off the Toxic people in your life!!!! 
Live your best life now!!! 
Grow with me or get out of my way!!!

We all have seen these declarations, or ones like them, ringing loudly on all forms of media, from all manner of people.  

So let's look at this process.  The first step of getting rid of something—or someone— that is toxic is actually recognizing if, in fact, they are harming you.  

We often call toxic those people that vehemently disagree with us, those that make us uncomfortable in our own skin, or who we feel are hindrances to our purpose. I don't call these toxic people; I call them "poop heads"  (my grandbaby's favorite emoji) Maybe a better term for the mature would be "fertilizer folk." We all have them. The difference between toxic people and fertilizer folk does not lie within them, but you!

"What exactly do you mean, ME!?!? " Lower your eyebrows and let me explain.  

Let's look at the purpose of fertilizer.  Fertilizers assist with providing essential nutrients in the soil, allowing a plant to grow vigorously and healthy. Contrary to popular belief, fertilizers are not plant food. Plants manufacture their own food through photosynthesis.  

The purpose of fertilizer is simply to assist in growth in the area in which it is planted!

If you may have many "fertilizer folk" in your life, could God have placed them there to assist in your growth?  No, you don't think so?  

Well if the term "fertilizer folk" is unbecoming to you, then we can call them "Grace Growers." God will definitely allow Grace Growers in your life if he believes it is best for you.

I have found the more grace I needed in my environment to grow, the more grace growers God provided.  Some of these people have strengthened my patience.  Some of these people have taught me the importance of praying before you speak. I have become learned to love those that I found no commonality with.  Some of my best life lessons have been learned at the hands of or by the actions of "Grace Growers".

"Okay, I understand all that, but this person is causing me pain."

Very well, but again it's up to you.  Who would bring a bag of fertilizer into the kitchen or the bedroom? Who puts fertilizer in the car and takes it for a relaxing ride.  Everything, every person has a place and purpose. My grandmother would often tell me, "you must learn to handle people according to knowledge."  But too often, we don't take the time to learn about people before we place them in areas of our life they were never meant to be.  

But now that they are identified, how do we handle them?






Because who knows, you may be someone's else’s Grace Grower!


divalady1 said…
Beautiful! Really needed to read this word...
Not it's time to apply it to my life!

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