The Emergence Life Classes - Learn More!

This is the year we have Emerged!  Our businesses are prospering, the career is advancing, the ministry is growing … We are ready, and we are walking out our destiny!  

But are we ready?  

Introducing, “The Emergence.  A series of practical life application classes designed for those individuals who realized they have Emerged, who are walking out their purpose, their destiny, but there are areas you are still in need of deliverance.  

Don't let your character destroy what planning and training built with your hands.

“Breaking Free - The Mind”.  The first in the series of Emergence Classes.  Together we will identify and address those secret sounds, secret thoughts, that ‘stinking thinking’ that comes to derail your purpose.  

If you live in the Atlanta area, join us for The Emergence: “Breaking Free” held on Tuesdays or Thursday evenings. (Check calendar for dates)

The Emergence: One-day Intensive Classes:  Once we have identified the issues, the strongholds, the garrisons that have kept you silently bound, now it's time to do the work! (Check calendar for dates)

In these classes, you will walk away with the tools to:

How to walk fully in your deliverance
How the expose the little foxes (small debilitating habits) that hinder us 
How those word curses spoken over you, and by you are destroying your life and destiny

If you are willing, you can start the process of learning practical steps of maintaining deliverance in victory!

 For more information on how CourageousMi may be of assistance to you, visit our website


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