DYI - Fix That!

You are the most important DIY project you have! 

Never stop!  Never ever stop working on you.

You may have EMERGED!.  You may be bossing, owning it and walking out your purpose ... but are you still struggling with that?

What is your that?  

*  a temper, causing you to snap at your teammates, loved ones or employees; 
*  physical abuse which makes a simple hug impossible; 
*  betrayal, which keeps you from believing the truth when spoken; 
*  rejection, which hinders the possibility of authentic relationships;
*  "their' adultery" causing you to close your heart from loving anyone
*  "your'  adultery", causing you to fight shame through over/under compensating;

And now, you find the emotions which are connected to your "thats" are starting to spill out at the most inopportune time. 

Again, I say, don't you dare quit!   "What do I do?"  First, pray! Learn to clearly identify your thats.  Then, you must be willing to do the work required to maintain your freedom!

It is time to Break Free in your Mind, Break Free in your Soul and Break Free in your Body.  

It is time to be whole! 



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